7 Best certification courses

At present, it is important to acquire the most recent skills for professional development in this fast-paced world. Moreover, there is also an enhanced demand for talented and skilled professionals as companies like to hire those candidates that have completed the popular certification courses in a particular field. You will come across quite a few lucrative certificate courses which we have mentioned in this article.

1. Cyber Security

By the term “cyber security” we imply a particular department of technology intended to safeguard confidential information and networks from any illegal access or attack. It is possible for the candidates to complete this high-paying certification course after finishing their graduation.
We sometimes need to work remotely, particularly during this pandemic situation. However, plenty of cyber threats are associated with it because of remote access to infrastructure. During this situation, cyber security certified professionals play an important role by preventing potential cyber-attacks out there. It is possible for cyber security professionals to generate as much as $220,000 in the US from top-notch companies like Dell, FireEye, SocieteGenerale, HackerOne, plus NetApp.

2. Artificial Intelligence

The primary advantage of being a human is his ability to form opinions and think as well. In this way, we are able to find effective solutions to many issues faced by us at present. Therefore, it will be a good idea to allow a machine to take care of monotonous jobs while we are able to use our brains for making more vital decisions. This helps to make AI one of the most well-known career options. There has been a growth of more than 350% in AI trends in the recent past. 

 Approximately 2 million jobs have been created by Artificial Intelligence so far, and we expect even more. It is possible for people to get $145,000 on average in the US in this field.

3. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Lean Six Sigma will prepare you to evaluate information scientifically and strategically by making use of risk management, benchmarking abilities, and process planning. A Six Sigma Green Belt Certification will provide you with the required expertise to speed up top-quality enhancement projects in your company. The average wages for professionals in this particular field vary between around $42,372 every year for a Process Technician to $80,000 every year for Business Consultant. It is possible for Lean Six Sigma Green belts to occupy positions like Lean Six Sigma Consultant, Performance Excellence, Process Development Engineer, Director, Data Scientist, Lead Manufacturing Engineer, and so forth

4. Project Management Professional(PMP)

The PMP certification happens to be the most significant certification for project managers at present. It has got recognition as the gold standard across the globe when it comes to project management. As a project management professional it will be possible for you to become employed in almost any industry in any location with any methodology. Therefore, the certification happens to be extremely global in nature. In order to qualify as a PMP, one needs to have a secondary degree (associate’s degree, high school diploma, or the global equivalent) as well as 7,500 hours of directing and leading projects.

5. Leadership Fundamentals

You will come across some individuals who have the natural ability to motivate other individuals to perform. On the other hand, most successful managers have to get some assistance for doing this when it comes to leadership development and management training. The leadership fundamentals training course will allow you to learn different types of skills consisting of setting targets, defining boundaries, coaching, holding people responsible, speaking in public, counseling, thinking innovatively and critically, building a team, managing time, planning for the upcoming days, and so on.

6. Data Science

This happens to be a field making use of statistics, strategy, observation, as well as planning perceptions from lots of structural as well as unstructured information. There has been an increase in the demand for data scientists in recent times across many parts of the globe. It is a fact that leading businesses are always searching for talented individuals. Therefore, in case you are searching for lucrative certification courses following your graduation then data science will be one of the best options

7. Financial Management

One cannot deny that there is always the craze for a competent company secretary or chartered accountant. In that case, it will be a sensible idea to pursue certification courses in financial management. It is known to all of us that the job of a chartered accountant is quite respectable and it will be a fantastic idea to pursue the financial management certification course after graduation.

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