PMP® Exam Will Change in December 

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If you had told me three months ago that you could get your PMP certification without leaving your house, I would have laughed. However, sometimes something like a pandemic, such as the Corona Virus, provides possibilities that we may not have anticipated, and this is exactly what happened with the PMP Certification.

So, first, let's have a look at the old method of obtaining the PMP certification, which was widely used until February 2020.

  1. A student's inquiry would initiate a consultation and registration procedure.
  2. Classes would be held in a regular classroom setting (either on weekdays or weekends).
  3. Students would submit their application to PMI and, if approved, would begin preparing for the exam.
  4. Exams will be held at Pearson Centers that have been approved, with dates and times set in advance.
  5. Depending on the individual, the whole process could take 3-4 months.
So, what has changed in the past several months? Because of the Corona Virus danger, the only thing a person could do if they stayed at home was shop for groceries or study anything online. There wasn't much anybody could or should do in this situation. There has never been a better moment to earn a professional certification.
Adaptability, both for the training provider and for the certifying authority. Changes occurred, and they occurred quickly.

So, what were the adjustments that allowed it to become a certification that could be completed from the comfort of one's own home?

  1. Educational establishments are now offering 35 training courses online through virtual classrooms. With more flexible schedules, students may now complete their courses faster because they can do so from the comfort of their own homes.
  2. PMI has launched proctored exams, which allow students to take their exams from the comfort of their own homes.
  3. Learning management systems have matured to the point that they now give material and a plan for course preparation.
  4. This will separate the excellent from the bad institutes.

As a result, obtaining a certification while sitting at home has become a reality, and I believe that this model will continue to thrive and become the new standard.

The following excites me even more.
  1. The shift in student demography, with students from all over the world able to study and attend classes together.
  2. As virtual classrooms become more common, students will be able to learn from the best-in-class instructors. Many students' ability to pass the exam will improve as their understanding of the subject improves. In 2020-2021, you will see a significant shift in qualified professionals.
  3. Content will and must be improved to appeal to a much larger audience.

Professional certificates have a bright future ahead of them, and I believe this is only the beginning of something that will transform the way we learn and teach. It will provide opportunities for all students, both affluent and poor, to study, grow, and achieve.

Features of the Personalized Plan.
  1. One to One Counselling Session with the Program Director
  2. Customized Roadmap on Red’s Learning Management System
  3. Most advanced PMP curriculum (Oliver Lehman)
  4. Dedicated Student Support (Application and classes)
  5. Mock-Up Simulations.

Najmul Hussain

MBA, PgMP®, PMP®, PBA, ACP®, RMP® (Retd)
Founder and Former Vice President - PMI UAE Chapter

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