Our accreditations

Our accreditations by the most prestigious authorities in the world support the significance of the certification received by our students.
Due to its extensive list of accreditations, Red Professional provides a wide variety of accredited credentials. Along with regional accrediting authorities, we are accredited by the most well-known worldwide bodies, such as PMI and CSSC.

The strictness of the audit and certification processes is ensured by accreditations. To maintain our operating licenses and to meet the standards set by our accrediting authorities, Red Professional adheres to tight procedures.

We are adamant about the worth of recognized accreditation. Audits carried out in accordance with strict standards identify relevant non-conformities and help our students continually enhance their business operations and performance.

Thanks to our array of accreditations, you can feel more certain about the worth of your credential.

Benefit from a thorough audit process by finding pertinent non-conformities that give you the knowledge you need to transform your company.

Provides a wide variety of recognized certifications
including CSSC and PMI







Confirming the requirements of our accreditation boards

Red Professional puts a lot of effort into meeting the high standards set by the various certification bodies. This entails maintaining the expertise of our auditors and establishing procedures to guarantee the caliber and promptness of the service we give to students.

Assessments by accreditation bodies: A Quality Guarantee

Each year, our accrediting organizations conduct over 1000 days of assessments on Red Professional teams, and they are required to address any non-conformities found in order to keep their certification. This procedure serves as a mark of excellence for our customers because it ensures that your certificate will be valued and that our accreditations are current.

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