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Effective Selling Skills in Challenging Times


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Effective Selling Skills in Challenging Times

Salespeople have one of the toughest jobs to do, especially in today’s current marketplace. So, what makes a great salesperson?

Great salespeople have four key areas of knowledge which will be covered on this course. The fifth ‘tool’ they need is a positive mental attitude to overcome rejection, fear of failure, and really tough market conditions. They need an ‘I Can!’ attitude, rather than a ‘Can I?’ attitude.

The current COVID-19 situation has brought new challenges in the form of travel restrictions, social distancing, changes in market demand, working remotely, etc. – making sales an even more challenging position. Salespeople need to identify new ways to, firstly protect revenue streams, and secondly find ways to market their products or services. This will be against a short-term backdrop of a weakened global economy that has severely damaged many businesses.

Who Should Attend?

This dynamic, fast-paced sales course is designed for the business-to-business salesperson with some experience in sales, but no formal training, or someone in need of a refresher sales course.

It will also be helpful to anyone wishing to move into sales, someone who has been newly appointed to a sales position, or anyone thinking of ‘business-to-business’ sales as a career. This program will also benefit anyone who is transiting from face-to-face sales to remote sales.


The Workshop will be very interactive in nature incorporating activities like Group Exercises , Team Games, Leadership case – studies and Motivating Role-Plays to ensure accelerated learning.

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